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Hotel em Salvador - Open House - (BA) - Brasil

Bed Breakfast Salvador 3 Estrelas
Rua Bernardo Catarino, 137 - Barra
Telefone: +55 (71) 32640337
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Open House
Bed Breakfast Salvador Open House
Bed Breakfast
Beautiful place ran by artists in Barra,
the safest area, very near the nicest Beach and Carnival Parade.
We provide Dance classes and Free drinks.
The best mood in Salvador.

- Free Breakfast
- Free Drinks
- Free Internet
- Free Samba classes
- DVD room
- Bar service
- Two lounge areas
- Barbicue area
- Guest Kitchen/Fridge
- Laundry area
- Free water, lockers, linens and towels
- Assistance in four languages
- Reception 24 hours (no curfew)

Here everything is at your footsteps,
Beach, Carnival, Bars, Grossery, Bank, Shopping, etc

Bookings involving any date of Carnival period (Mar3 - Mar9) must have a minimum stay of seven days at Carnival rate to be accepted, otherwise Open House will contact the guest to amend the booking. Note that Carnival private rooms are all located ... Maisin our three bedrooms full apartments next door. Carnival bookings require an additional 50% deposit within 7days of request to be accepted, made directly to Open House. Call us.

The same conditions for Carnival bookings and payments apply to New Year eve season (Dic29 - Ene2) in which a minimum of four nights shall be booked.

All booking balances will be recalculated using our local currency exchange rate available for tourists.

A minimum stay of two nights is required to accept a booking. If the guest doesn't arrive in the day booked, it will be considered as a -no show-, if the booking wasn't paid in full previously it will be canceled. Deposits are non-refundable. Credit card acceptance depends on Paypal transaction approval, when cannot be completed payments must be made in cash.
New Year Eve and Carnival season balances due 15 days prior arriving date, failing to cancel these balances on time will be understand as a -no show-.
Bookings are non transferable neither fractional. When involving a group, partial or individual payments for a due balance are not accepted, so full balance shall be paid for a member of the group have access to the accommodation. Our checkin/checkout is flexible although arrivals before 8am and departures after 8pm will trigger an extra charge of half day.

Idiomas Falados na Recepção
Inglês Espanhol Português
Meios de pagamento no Hotel
Visa Master Card American Express
Área para fumantes
Alimentação e Bebidas
Churrasqueira Sala de Vídeo/TV Sala de internet
Recepção 24 Horas Cofre na Recepção Sistema de irrigação anti-incêndio

Como chegar
  • 1   Aeroclube da Bahia
  • 2   Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhães (SSA)
  • 3   Jauá
  • 4   Lago Joanes
  • 5   Lorenzo
  • 6   Valença (VAL)
  • 7   Morro de São Paulo
  • 8   Praia do Forte
  • 9   Fazenda Pontal
  • 10   Costa dos Coqueiros



Pontos de Interesse
Banco HSBC
Banco do Brasil
Banco Caixa Econômica Federal
Banco ITAU Personalité
Parque das Dunas
Terreiro de Jauá/Candomblé church
Terreiro de Jauá /Candomblé church
Praia do Porto da Barra
Shopping Barra
Barra Center
Praia da Barra
Shopping Barra
Praia Ponta de Areia
Salvador Norte Shopping
Praia de Cacha Pregos
Jorrinho de Machadinho/ Hot spring
Naufrágio/ shipwreck
Projeto Tamar/seaturtle station
Aldeia Hippie/Hippie villiga
Parque aquático/water park
Forte São Diego
Forte Santa Maria
Forte Santa Maria
Forte Santo Antônio da Barra - Farol da Barra
Farol da Barra
Cristo da Barra
MAM - Museu de Arte Moderna
Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Praia
Elevador Lacerda
Elevador Lacerda
Mercado Modelo
Mercado Modelo
Igreja de São Francisco
Centro Historico
Forte São Marcelo
Forte Laurenzo
Restaurante Zé Olodum
Beach Stop
Arrea Ae
Café-Restaurante Itamaracá
Restaurante Itamaracá
Rua Bernardo Catarino, 137 - Barra
Telefone: +55 (71) 32640337
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